Which course is best seo or digital marketing?

The Online Marketing Institute is a super reliable source of fundamental SEO education. At Semrush, we offer a full range of online courses and exams, depending on what you're looking for. A good starting point is with the Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals Exam, which gives you an idea of the path you'll want to take in the remaining courses. This course lays the foundation for more advanced training in different areas of our expertise through the Semrush Academy.

The Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics courses aim to prepare participants to take the exam to earn the Google Analytics IQ (GAIQ) certification. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is one of the online courses offered by Google Digital Garage, which covers training in digital marketing, data and technology, and careers. This course is divided into 26 modules and lasts approximately 40 hours, with a certification offered after completing a 40-question exam. The course is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

Moz offers both free SEO tools and a beginner's guide to SEO with seven chapters of self-paced information that you can access for free. This certification course is aimed at both SEO marketers and companies and brands that want to perform SEO on their own. While it will give you the information you need to become an SEO marketer, it's really designed for those who want to learn SEO for a specific, well-founded reason. The bottom line is that you can borrow many aspects of an SEO framework to create an overall SEO strategy for the type of business you're focusing on.

In partnership with leading research, this institute managed to develop advanced SEO and site optimization training. One of the free courses they have at the eMarketing Institute is a free SEO course for beginners, where you can download a free 156-page e-book (in PDF format) on SEO. It's understandable that free SEO courses have a much lower barrier to entry, but if you're looking to become an SEO marketer, you might need something more advanced. The Blueprint is a platform that offers SEO training for industry beginners and experienced professionals.

White Hat SEO Mastery is perfect for any company that wants to maintain their in-house SEO execution (rather than hiring an expensive agency that probably won't increase results). SEO certification “pays off” mainly for those who are new to SEO or who are moving towards marketing from another field. During this advanced SEO certification course, you'll learn more about the basics of SEO, how to drive traffic organically to your site, how to conduct basic keyword research, how to optimize pages, and how to perform detailed analysis. Since there are currently no SEO degrees or courses set to become an “SEO expert”, experience is often gained through hard-earned experience and, increasingly, through earning SEO certifications.

Anyone can publish an SEO course online, and SEO changes dramatically from month to month, let alone year after year. An SEO certification is usually an additional educational experience that you can enjoy after taking some SEO courses. Yoast also offers a series of courses on SEO and WordPress, which can be accessed through the Yoast SEO page.