Why does seo take a long time?

Therefore, SEO can take more or less time depending on how you approach these key areas of search engine optimization. In the video, the official position of Google Webmasters says that it takes between 4 and 12 months to start seeing a change in ranking. For significant, long-lasting changes, it's more like 6 to 12 months. SEO takes longer than it used to generate results.

In a nutshell, SEO is time-consuming because search engine algorithms have become very sophisticated. You can no longer end up on the first page of a SERP simply by filling your page with keywords. A strong SEO strategy now has many more aspects and factors that influence the results and ranking of a page. An important factor why SEO can take so long to work is the level of competition in your industry.

In most cases, your competitors are actively working on their SEO, which means that SEO is an ongoing effort. Additional constraints on budget and resources can also increase the time it takes for SEO to work. Whether or not you're working on a new domain is one of the key factors that influences the time it takes to see SEO results. The fact that SEO results require time and effort to show up is also highlighted by SEO specialists at School Authority, ResumeLab, Olbuz, FastPeopleSearch, Honest Marketing, RevenueGeeks and Buyer's Guide.

How quickly SEO works can depend on a number of factors, which your SEO specialist or agency will usually address before starting work. To help adjust expectations and learn why SEO takes time, let's take a closer look at why SEO takes time. Many factors influence the time it takes for SEO to work, and paying attention to these elements helps you understand why SEO takes so long. When asked how fast SEO works, the majority (67.2%) of SEO experts said it takes 2 to 4 months to start seeing results.

Once again, this timeline will include the work done by the SEO agency performing site audits, keyword research, and some technical SEO work such as verifying subdomains. According to 82% of surveyed experts, SEO takes 6 months to show an increase in traffic on average, while full results of good SEO strategies are visible after 12 to 24 months. Since there are many aspects to SEO, by setting up KPIs, you can also ensure that the time spent on SEO is spent in the right place. Your SEO strategy determines not only how fast SEO will work for you, but also how far you'll go in the future.